VALAQ Patrol - Ideal Surveillance drone

VALAQ Patrol Features

This would be the operational area of VALAQ Patrol in Paris

Operational radius of 10km (314km² area) with live video day and night

With 40 minutes full operation flight time guaranteed, enjoying VTOL feature, we pushed the efficiency to the limits. With only 4 kg UAV you will be in the air time enough for surveillance missions to cover a huge area such a big city like Paris. You’ll get direct point to point video Datalink with good quality and very low latency. But if you get this radius not enough, perhaps you might want to pass through this limit to trust 4G link to keep receiving images from the Colibri 2 gimbal. It is up to you. VALAQ will be there where you need it at a speed of 70km/h.

zoomZoom x20 + x2 digital -Dual EO-IR stabilized camera

Colibri 2 has a x20 analogue zoom that makes it absolutely powerful to catch the smallest detail from very long distances. If this is not enough you can use an additional x2 digital zoom to multiply its capacity. Images are stabilized

Follows moving vehicles with auto tracking system

Colibri 2 is accompanied by a very valuable accessory: the TRIP2. It provides EO/IR object tracking, geo location, video compression, IP encapsulation and video recording capabilities. EO/IR object tracking points the camera to track a subject within the camera’s range, ensuring the subject of interest never leaves the view.  Geo location captures the position of the camera, its line of sight, and extracts location of observed objects with unprecedented accuracy.  Video compression and IP encapsulation provides significantly low latency compression enabling long range operation.  TRIP2 records high quality video with GPS metadata attached and keeps snapshots to a MicroSD card for simple access and expansion.

valaq patrol gimbal coveragDesigned to avoid wing shadows during banking

VALAQ Patrol is all designed for surveillance. Minor details can take your work to trash for this details. It is known that gimbal location in an aircraft is subjected to the aircraft components themselves, so if you don’t bear in mind this fact during a simple manovre like banking, the wing in this case can hide your view trajectory avoiding clear view over the target. As well as props or pylons can do the same, during our concept design we took care of this feature giving you up to 70% of clean view on a sphere.

Silent operations. Go unnoticed as generates less than 10 db at a height of 120m

As an effective VTOL surveillance drone, VALAQ Patrol will take off and land vertically in just within a square meter, and you know how a multicopter sound is, but when VALAQ Patrol goes for a mission it flies like an aeroplane and its power and RPMs are significantly reduced. This makes it truly silent in the air to go unnoticed.

No primary radar footprint

VALAQ Patrol is made of carbon fiber, a material that has a particular low primary RADAR footprint and echo generation. Maybe you would like this feature. However, if you want to become full seen in a secondary RADAR, we can offer you a Mode S transponder or an ADS-b feature as an option to fit UK or USA regulations.

No data sent to 3rd parties

This is particularly critical. There are some local UAV police regulations in EU that requires as mandatory to avoid any data transmission to 3rd parties. Some UAVs send logs (even in real time) of all aircraft navigation information to the factory without customer consent. We guarantee all flight data is customer proprietary. The user will be who decides where the protected data goes.

Want to see the power of Colibri 2? check this videos…!


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